About Me

When asked to look at my life and some of the things I am proud of about myself,
I found it is not necessarily all the things I have “done”. Funny, but I notice an aspect of it, is the very thing that some would judge me for…..

That is, my ability to make changes. Freedom has carried a high value and the honoring of my truth over outer rules or boxes that don’t fit a higher truth. A life of feeling trapped is just not OK in my book. There are always choices one can make to change the sense of trapped, but it usually takes courage, leaps of faith, core habit change or standing up for your truth over other’s judgments.

Next: the ability to take leaps of faith to follow my hearts guidance. It might have meant going in a whole new direction or trying things I had not done before even in front of others – wow those were wild but I learned new skills each time I did that, and people were much more understanding that you imagine.

Here’s an important one: I have gained the ability and now regularly practice learning from my hardships or upsets. After first feeling different waves of emotions – anger, hurt, sadness etc, and then perhaps after a bit of typical complaining (some expression), I can quickly find my part in it, own the projection or mirror in it, learn something from it, and then come to a place of true compassion and acceptance for the other or the situation.

So though my resume is 3 solid pages long of many different things I have studied, created, or done, I have come to let go of all this value and importance placed in my “doing.”

I am learning to find my value in my “being” – the kind of person that I am, and how much I can assist others simply by being who I am. And being that I am someone who values and loves change, and has the ability to make those changes, even when they can be quite scary at times, plus have learned how to translate that ability, perhaps I can help you make the changes your heart is longing to make.


“My greatest passion in life is to help others get free!….I am so sad to see how many Millennials, along with others, suffer from Depression, Anxiety and Addictive Behaviors. I feel strongly that I hold Keys to help them through these challenges, born of the expanding deficits in our Culture.”– Joy L. Freeman

Dr. Joy's Unique Background

Joy Lynn Freeman D.C., Ph.D. (cand.), has been a pioneer in the field of health, personal growth for over 35 years, as a Natural Physician, Transformational Life Counselor, and workshop facilitator. She knows the concept of “body/mind in the most thorough way – from both sides of the equation. Prior to her entry into the field of psycho-emotional healing, Dr. Joy had been a practicing natural physician, as a wholistic chiropractor.

After many years of in-depth immersion into the world of deeper causal factors of suffering – physically, emotionally and spiritually, Joy now specializes in somatic, expressive arts and trauma informed psycho-emotional therapies. Along with this, she integrates Shame work and Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy. Her post graduate work was focused on Vocal and Creative Expression as medium for Transformation.

In addition to 7 Keys to Connection, she is the author of Express Yourself, two music CDs of original songs: Let It Shine and Soul Calling, and a series of five yoga videos: Back-care-cise. She also created and led many transformational workshops and retreats including Quantum Shift Retreats, incorporating expressive arts, deep process, ritual and nature.

As a powerful agent for change, Joy facilitates both personally and in group with a warmth, zest, and passion that spreads to all whom she contacts. Employing her earnest caring, natural abilities, and extensive skills, Dr. Joy has helped her clients find their buried emotions, deeper truths, and has supported many out of deep and challenging places.

Her unique work and heartful presence creates an acceptance and safety that assists others in finding the courage to express their authentic and creative selves, find their voices, speak their truth, and follow their callings.

Joy expresses her creative self as a dancer, singer, drummer, and speaker. She also has a unique gift in creating a safe space for others to free their expression utilizing singing, dancing and drumming. Her greatest joy is to support others in finding their creative, expressive, free and vital selves.

Mission Statement

To assist others in finding balance in an out of balance world
to open them up to their creative mind and their Soul Self;
to teach them how to release self judgment and learn
to love and accept all aspects of themselves;
to be able to access and express their own
truth, creativity, and authenticity; to
give their best gifts to the world

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