About the Free and Connected Work

Do you feel stuck – stuck in addictive or negative patterns, feelings of depression or ill health, unable to make changes because you do not have the Trust in life, yourself, or a greater benevolent energy to support you in creating what it is that you truly want for yourself. I call this positive supportive energy – spirit, and of course there are many other names for it.

Developing Courage – What is it and How to Bring it About

When you come to know, hear and honor what your heart truly wants, then this benevolent positive energy of spirit wants that for you too. And will actually help you, when you gain the ability to trust in it and yourself. When you do so, this relationship of trust builds a foundation of Safety and Strength, that gives you the Courage to take the risks necessary to go for a new way of life and new way of being.

Courage might mean speaking your truth to someone, letting go of something, i.e. addictive behaviors, or someone that is harmful to you, but that you sacrifice yourself to, out of fear of the unknown. It might mean taking a leap of faith to begin a new expression, or starting a new venture.

It all starts with your Willingness to do the Work necessary to open up the lines of communication within. This involves hearing, learning about, accepting and appreciating each and every part of you, for each one’s positive intentions for you, even those parts that have caused you problems. For they have all been trying to be supportive one way or another, even if their way of going about it has not worked too well in your life, and in fact may have caused you pain, misery, drama or trauma.

Creating Stability and Magical Manifesting


And those steps are just the beginning of what can be done to make these all important inner changes, that ultimately bring about outer changes – almost effortlessly, and often magically.

It is the Work of looking within, with an open mind and heart to make the transformations necessary that will open the lines of communication. From this and other practices, stems a deep level of stability and a growing trust in our Soul Self and Spirit. With the Courage instilled by this Foundation of Strength – Skies the limit of what you can create.

The 7 Keys to Connection teaches you how to both understand what is going on under the surface and what to do about it. Where we often feel pulled in different directions or led by different motivations, you will learn how to transform these different parts within, so that all of you is working as one united team, led by your most Centered Soul Self, towards the life you want to live.

Dr. Joy Can Support You in
Creating Your Joy

It is Dr. Joy’s greatest Joy to assist you in making the Changes your deepest heart desires.Whether you read the book, experience one on one Skype sessions or attend a workshop or creative expression event, Joy’s presence, words and wisdom are sure to shift, transform and bring forward movement toward the changes your heart is longing for.

Dr. Joy can help you free yourself to be the You, you always knew you could be

With deep listening and powerful skills via convenient telephone or skype consultations, Dr. Joy Lynn Freeman can help you unwind difficult life challenges and find clarity amidst confusion, then move towards meaningful life transitions.

She has a gentle and compassionate way of being and listening, which creates a feeling of safety that fosters deeper truths to emerge. She might also involve balancing dialogs with conflicting voices within oneself as well as sound, movement or other creative processes. She artfully blends leading edge modalities in the field of psycho-emotional and spiritual healing, with a grounded knowledge of the physical and emotional workings of the body. In addition she has a gift in working with teens and young adults.

Dr. Joy has been assisting others to be healthier and happier for over 35 years. She has developed powerful methods to help you move beyond inner limitations, previous programming, or challenging life experiences to be able to step out of the box – into a life of color, aliveness, joy and health.

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